Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Name That Style

Below are pictures of a 1926 building built in my backyard. The first floor is 6 garages and the second floor is 2 1-bedroom apartments. I’ve been working on the paperwork to list my house (1895 Vic) on the Natl. Reg. Of Hist. Places. I thought I would include this building with it. They are both on the same lot, and I think they are both worthy of listing. Whether the Feds think so remains to be seen.

The problem is, I’m having trouble naming the style. I spent the day at the library pouring over books and couldn’t really nail it down. I can sort of describe the building in architectural terms but I’m wondering if there is a particular style that it belongs to.

Any guesses?

The top story is wood shingles and the bottom is 1X8 shiplap. Over the front 2 garages (4 more on the right side) there is a small porch roof?? gable roof?? with projectring wood beams. The roof is a parapet roof.


Sean said...

The shaped parapets scream Mission Revival - Paired up with the decorative timber work and you have a match. There are many examples of the style using wall materials other than stucco (as in your case, shingles and siding. I will see if I can find some examples and documentation for you.

Greg said...

Mission Revival. That is what I thought but I couldn't find any examples of it in any of the books I looked at. Thanks.

Sean said...

I found a wood sided example in A Field Guide of American Houses by Virginia and Lee McAlester under the Mission Revival Section. If you don't own the book already, its a great resource!

Greg said...

A Field Guide of American Houses by Virginia and Lee McAlester. This is one of the books I looked at. It was an older copy so maybe that section was added in a later addition, or possibly I just missed it. Anyway, thanks. I now feel comfortable using the term, "Mission Revival".