Monday, May 02, 2005

In The Dirt On My Belly

Because I’ve decided to get rid of the sink that means I had to cut the pipes and get them out of the wall. This means it was another trip under the house. I am intimate with the crawl space under the house. I have been there many, many times. It used to be a real nightmare. There were so many pipes for all the different apartments you literally could not go from one side of the house to the other. When I was buying the place some inspectors just wouldn’t go under or said the report was incomplete because some areas were inaccessible. And all of the trash and debris was incredible.

I spent months under there last year cutting out miles of old pipes, cable wires, phone lines, and hauling out bags full of debris. I then mounted lights down the center that shine on both sides and put two electrical outlets under there. When I re-plumbed and rewired I secured all the wires and pipes up against the joists. I can now flip a switch and crawl around in a relatively clean and well lit space. Now if I can just do something about the cat poop.

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