Friday, July 22, 2005

It's Baaaack

The fog rolled in with a vengeance. I guess our summer days are over for a while. It was actually kind of nice today and then about 4:00 it really blew in. I took these shots about 7:30 from the upstairs window at the end of the hall. You can click the pictures to enlarge. It doesn’t show up too well, but it is really billowing down the street.

That is Gary’s house on the corner. It is 1899 I think. There is a little bungalow next to it that I’m not sure of the age of. The gray one with the blue trim in the background has been heavily butchered. It is probably an old Victorian, but you can’t tell any more. It is now apartments and some freaky people live there.

The little Greek Revival belongs to the brother of the woman who lives there. She is not a fan of old houses and it shows. She is a nice enough person but she does little for the house. It is 1870 and probably the oldest house in the neighborhood. Next door is a nice little Victorian that is very well cared for by the family that owns it. In the year 1900 there was a man named John Petch that lived there. He was related to Thomas Petch, the original owner of my house, but I’m not sure exactly how. He was either Thomas' father or brother. Both Thomas and John were electricians.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was doing a totally random search for granite flooring and happened upon this blog...I instantly recognized the Victorian house at the top! Eureka! Anyway, is the Gary that owns the house about half way down the page a friend of mine, Gary J? His house is on 9th and M.
What a small world.

Greg said...

Yep, that's the same Gary. He's helped me so much with the plumbing on this house. Not so much doing any grunt work, but just helping me with code and laying out drains, along with getting me parts and loaning me tools. He's a heck of a nice neighbor to have.