Saturday, July 23, 2005

Unnatural Blindness

I ordered blinds today. I chickened out on the fabric blinds for the kitchen. Almost got the bamboo, but it just didn’t feel right. I drooled over the wood blinds, but that is really – I’m mean really – not in the budget. I ended up getting something called Durawood. It not natural wood but a synthetic material. They look like wood, feel like wood, but man they ain’t wood. It is called a 2-inch Durawood Supreme Blind in Golden Oak. I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

They touted them as being perfect for kitchens and baths. In the catalog they showed a several pieces sitting in a glass of water. They looked good in the picture. I didn’t go crazy on the bells and whistles but I did spring for Willow Green tape on the blinds, and getting a wood finish instead of white or off-white was also an upgrade. The Willow Green tape pieces are two fabric strips that run vertically down the front to cover the threads that connect the slats and operate the tilt. I’m not thrilled with the decision, but I had to make a compromise on price. The money tree still has not sprouted in the backyard, and the blinds were 20% off.



ben said...

Where did you find a money tree? All our local nurseries were out.

heather said...

He got the money tree from the faeries that came to do his counter tops! :)

StuccoHouse said...

You done good :-) Most of the actual wood blinds are made of something akin to balsawood, so I wouldn't lose sleep over the fact you went the Durawood route. I think the colored tapes are very classy looking. Sounds like you might have gone through Smith+Noble(?)

Jocelyn said...

sounds like it will look good. I like the trim idea as well.