Monday, July 25, 2005

Meet The Hutches

Before the formal introduction, I’ll clear up some old business. The counter top came out not too bad. I had to compromise with the edge trim, but it works, so…it works. I turned to the router table again and did a ¾-inch quarter-round out of more scrap redwood. To get the slab smooth I had to sand for more than an hour. I started with 60 grit and worked through 80, 100, and 120. It is not a “factory finish” but it came out better than I thought. Because of the fog I didn’t want to sand out-doors so I used the shop vac with the RO sander in one of the back bedrooms. About half way through black smoke started pouring out of the motor of the shop vac. I think it’s toast.

The Un-Oiled Slab Just After Sanding

But now on to the main event. All of the hutches are finished and ready for installation. Never thought I write that.

Bottom Half of The Frankenstein Hutch With Oiled Slab
(Still needs shellac)

Top Half of The Frankenstein Hutch With Doors and Drawers Installed

The e-Solution Hutch

I decided to put the e-Solution hutch in a different spot in the kitchen so the crooked crown molding on the right side won’t bother me forever. In the bathroom I installed an antique high-tank toilet that fills over the top. There is a 5-foot, nickel plated fill tube that travels up the side and connects to the ball-cock on the side of the tank. I had to have a custom bend in the tube before it is nickel plated. The guy on the phone told me the valve sticks out a 1.5 inches form the wall. It was in fact only one inch so the off-set of the fill tube is off by a half inch. It works fine but I have to look at it every time I take a bath. I doubt anyone else would notice but it really bugs me. So the hutch gets moved so I can enjoy my breakfast.

This is the third cabinet that I bought at a local antique store. It was green and had 1920s hardware on it. I painted it to match the other pieces and put period hardware on it.

Third Cabinet

The last cabinets are yet to be dealt with. I will be making a 9 foot counter that will have an under-mount sink and a hidden dishwasher, along with one storage door and two cabinets above. I have a bunch of redwood bevel board (similar to bead board) that came out of the addition that I'm going to make the cabinets with. Still haven’t decided what to do about the cabinets on the wall above the counter. The choices so far are solid front, glass front, or open shelving. So many choices. These will most likely not be done before the party, but that was expected.


Joan said...

Wow. Those are all gorgeous.

Gary said...

What? The fairies went on strike? Bloody trade unions!

heather said...

You never cease to amaze me. Those cabinets turned out AWSOME...and I LOVE the counter top!

John said...

They look great. I hope my built-ins look half as good.

Kristin said...

I'm amazed and totally jealous!!!

deb said...

wow those are beau-ti-ful!!!

Jocelyn said...

I am not worthy!

Your kitchen is da bomb!

Suzanne said...

I'm not worthy, either. What a great job! You are my shining example for nay sayers of all kinds, expecially those who complain that I never throw anything out. Can't wait to see the whole kitchen. That should be tomorrow, right?

Greg said...

I’m glad everyone likes them. It is weird, and a bit of a relief, to see them come together finally. It has all been little more than and idea and a pile of junk for so long.