Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ok! OK! I’m going to do it!

I don’t have anybody to nag me, so I have to nag myself from time to time so I’ll get back to work.

Yes, I said I'm going to start! I heard you the first time!

It was about a month ago I started the floor and I’ve yet to finish.

Yes, as soon as I finish this blog entry!

I had good excuses – I mean reasons for not finishing.

First there was the problem with the wood.

Then I had to drive to hell and back to get new wood.

Then I hurt my back.

Then last week I saw the light at the end of the tunnel with the hutches so I decided to finish that up.

As you can see, all my reasons are well documented, so there is really no reason to nag myself anymore, but I do it anyway.

I said I would start right after this blog entry!!!

The goal is to finish installing the wood by Friday, and then Saturday I can rent a sander. I think if I sand all day Saturday with the drum sander, and then do the edge sander on Sunday, I should be able to start the finish Sunday evening. I can finish that up on Monday, then by the middle of next week I can start to move stuff in. That is the plan.

You don’t have to yell at me! I’m starting now!


merideth said...

you'll get no yelling from us...we took the weekend off to go swimming at the lake with the dog...remarkably, it made the whole weekend feel like vacation...i say embrace your inner slacker (from time to time)

Jocelyn said...

I'll nag you. Evidently, I am good at it or bad depending how you look at it... ;)

Actually, you don't seem like you need anyone nagging you- you're pretty motivated.

I'll be interested to hear how the sanding goes- I haven't used a drum sander before...

p.s. I can't believe you hated English class- you are such a good writer :)

Trissa said...

Get moving! I want to see pictures of the floor with furniture in the room! But don't hurt your back again.

Greg said...

Merideth: Swimming at the lake! Maybe I should be nagging you

Jocelyn: I’ve never used a drum sander either. I think I’ll do a practice run with 220 just to get the hang of it. No one has ever heard of a U-Sand before at either of the rental places in town. And I’m glad you enjoy my ranting – er – I mean writing.

Trissa: (in a nasally voice) Yes dear. Right away dear. I’ll get right on that.

Scott in Washington said...

I would imagine that most everyone who reads these house blogs is probably their own best self-naggers.