Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yet Another Cabinet

I started working on the third and final cabinet for the kitchen. Well, final except for the ones I have to make for the sink and dishwasher. This one I picked up at an antique shop here in town so it does not get a clever name. It is a nearly perfect fit for the alcove. The cabinet is 49” wide, 24” deep, and stands 44 inches high. The alcove is 52 inches wide and 49 inches deep. The cabinet has 5 drawers on one side and a full-height door on the other. Inside the door there are 4 shelves.

I would estimate the cabinet is from the teens or 20s judging from the hardware and type of construction. It is all redwood, so it is of local origin. The body is painted but the redwood top is oiled and shellacked. This will be used as an area to keep bills that need to be paid and things like that on top. The drawers and shelves will be for the sort of utility items every kitchen has. Junk drawers, basically.

I’ve removed the 20’s brass bin pulls and cabinet latch and have it sort of dismantled for painting. I’m painting it the same Honied White as the other cabinets. I will then put on cast iron bin pulls and cabinet latches to match the other cabinets. I’m sure I will have no problem selling the other hardware on Ebay. It is all in pretty good shape.

I’ll post pictures in a few days when it’s all back together.


Serendipity House said...

Where on earth do you get the energy and ambition to work on all these projects??? You're my hero, Greg! More pics! More pics! :)

Greg said...

I have no life. Pics will be forthcoming.