Friday, July 01, 2005

Son of Frankenstein’s Hutch

If you’re like me you are thinking 2 or 3 projects ahead. The floor has been getting acclimated to the kitchen all week and the plan is to start putting it in tomorrow (more on the floor in a later blog entry). So this week I’ve been thinking about the 2 hutches. Yesterday I started painting the Frankenstein Hutch. Today I’ll tell you about the smaller Frankenstein Hutch. This one is going to be my kitchen’s e-solution hutch.

I’m going to have limited counter space and until the butler’s pantry comes on-line it may be awkward. Either way, I didn’t want the kitchen to really look like a modern kitchen, but I do want all the modern amenities. This hutch will be wired with a 20 amp circuit along with cable and telephone. It will be about 6.5-feet tall and 4.5-feet wide with a 2-part interior accessed by 2 big doors.

Here is the plan, we’ll see if it works out. One side will house a small microwave, coffee maker, coffee grinder, and plenty of storage for other things. The other side will have a 15-inch LCD TV, phone and answering machine, along with shelves for books and what-not.

The main part came out of the 1922 addition I dismantled last fall. It was originally a 9-foot tall, floor to ceiling built-in that I had to cut down to get out. It is made out of fir and redwood. The top doors were already missing and replaced with plywood but the bottom two doors were good. I have 7 shelves for it but may not need them all.

It will stand on these 4 ball and claw legs I picked these up at Van Dykes Restores. They were a discontinued item and I got them for $8.00 a piece.

On top it will have the same 1X6 Crown Molding as the larger hutch.

Along with the ultra-hip antique cabinet latches I got at Ed Donaldson’s Hardware (~Drool~).

Oh, and this one has no drawers.


heather said...

AWSOME IDEA! It hadn't occurred to me to wire inside a cabinet for all the "modern" appliances that we use now but clutter up the kitchen. (Hmmmm...must call electrician.)

Jocelyn said...

more amazing stuff for your kitchen. You come up with the best titles for your posts too!

We are hiding our microwave in the pantry- great idea to have a storage unit for everything...

Becky said...

What a great idea!