Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Love the Smell of Plaster in the Evening….

…It smells like Victory! Got the first coat on all walls. For the first time since about 1915 my kitchen is a complete, defined space with no partitions and no framing showing. I’m pooped. Good night.


heather said...

Nothing beats that feel of accomplishment! Now we want photos!

Jocelyn said...

I remember when we got the walls up in our kitchen-that's a milestone for sure. Way to go Grex!
I am amazed what you accomplish on scoool nights :)

Brian Heckel said...

thats cool.

I love plaster walls. i hate 6 layers of wallpaper under paneling on plaster.

our kitchen is 8000 out of wack. im thinking about tearing off the kitchen and starting over....Ive got 2 years to decide. the latter would include a master suite above the kitchen:) The former would take longer.....I put a bandaid in last fall/summer but i dunno. the stairs (all) need to be replaced and place elsware. i think my kitchen would fit into a 30yd dumpster. it could be like extreme home makeover, pix of me swinging a sledge....then in with the backhoe.

The Old Man said...

Congratulations! I love plaster walls, and our house has a lot of them (that are, of course, in need of repair).

Can we talk you into a post about what you used and how you did it? I've had a terribly hard time finding good info on the web about how to do real 2 or 3 coat plaster work.

Thanks, and good luck!


Greg said...

Photos will be coming but not until I'm done. Because I can't work on it full time, I would say I have a good week or two left before the walls are done.

You can get a PDF file made by a friend with step-by-step instruction for repairing plaster walls. Scroll down to my Hard as a Rock post and you will see a link to it.