Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Kitchen

Day one. Well, actually more like day 900. That is about how long I've been working on the house. I've been in the kitchen for a few months now. Today's issue was finding quarter round trim that has an 1.25 inch face for the corners of the plaster walls. Quarter round with a 3/4 inch face is easy to find. The stuff I need doesn't exist. I ended up making my own.

All of the outside corners have a piece of quarter round trim to give it a nice bull-nose instead of a sharp corner. Because the walls are 7/8 inch wood and 3/8 inch plaster the face of the quater round needs to be 1/25 inches. Most is till there but when the kitchen had some partitions added they removed a few peices of this over-sized quarter round. I removed the partitions and so needed to replace the missing trim.

It wasn't too bad. I ripped down some 2X4s to 1.25 inches square and then tilted the saw blade to take off one corner of 1.25 inch square peice. After nailing it up I finished shaping the round-over with and RO sander.


enilegnave21 said...

I came upon your website quite accidentally, as is often the case on the internet.
Who needs the "stumbleupon" program when any random click could turn into a most surprising visit, and unearth rare gems?
Having lived in San Francisco, and being intimately acquainted with the city, and it's earthquakes, (my grandmother's house in Twin Peaks is a fixture of most of my fondest childhood memories), and having transferred to Miami (don't ask) where I am becoming intimately acquainted, also, with hurricanes, I was almost immediately enamoured of your site and beginning with the story of your brave, if not foolish, sister and her NO experience, I perused your site with great interest.
The point of all this diatribe being that I almost immediately found myself engaged in your story and then, as a lover of antiques and architectural excellence, (which is sorely lacking in almost every area of modern life), I began greedily devouring your witty, pithy and clever blogposts, during which, one question kept coming to my mind... who in the world are you? and, how to does one get to know how to do so much to renovate a home?
I am currently finding that in Miami there is no lack of con-artists, grifters and sideshow carneys - juxtaposed against an obvious lack of skilled and honest contractors/builders and electricians who are capable of doing more than drawing up estimates and promising CAD (note the ironic use of the term 'cad') renderings of the work to be done... lovely blueprints that I might as well hot-glue-gun to the exposed studs in my kitchen as i dream, yet another year, of what my kitchen my look like, if only...
I can't imagine that you are not yet done with Eureka, after 5+ years (which is almost impossible to determine since I can not ascertain from your blog the intial point of entry of your key into the door of your project home. I am left only to surmise only that you pick up around day 900, almost 3 years into the work).
All of this rambling does have a point, which I am obviously not doing well to get to; and that would be, in short, that I wonder how you might feel about considering the possibility of helping me out.
I ask only contemplation at this point. Help might come perhaps in the form of a series of emails exchanged to give me ideas and pointers, or perhaps even, if I might be as bold as the 21-year old of your San Francisco Chronicle 'matrimonial' ad that you might actually consider venturing east and south to balmier climes, for some 'random kindness' hammer and nail type activities.
Not only is this a bold, and risky, and perhaps borderline insane proposition, but I am only speaking in terms of contemplation, which is free and of dreams which give the mind (at least - my mind) a respite from the bleak reality of my kitchen fire's continual taunts.
At best, I think that a man of your obvious erudition, ability and merit might extend me the courtesy of a reply and not simply dismiss me as being an entirely psychotic internaut.
At worst, I might have only waxed poetic and practiced my own art.
Regardless, I sensed some kindred, brought about, no doubt, by the copious amounts of yourself that you betrayed in your writing.
In point of fact, I know nothing at all about you whatever and we are simply strangers, passing in the night upon a sea of ether.
I remain, in expectancy, of a response,
yours truly,
P.S. I beg you, please pardon the rambling.

Greg said...


I'm not completely adverse to an email exchange. I'm always happy to give advice where I can. Having lived in So. Fa. for a while (W. Palm Beach), I can't see getting back there anytime soon.

Colby said...

Hi...found this blog under Google by typing in the name "Petch" which is my surname. Wondering if these could be any of my relatives?! I live in Louisiana and have always found family history interesting. Any information you have would be appreciated.

Colby Petch
West Monroe, Louisiana

Greg said...


Email me at the email address on my blog.