Monday, April 11, 2005

Raising Panels

I’ve been building my first mortise and tenon raised panel door. It is a small door. A very small door, but it is a good size to start with. Two raised panels with rails and styles. The door is 22 X 22 inches square. It is a dumb waiter style door that will go in an opening between the kitchen and dining room to replace one that was removed in about 1915. Of course (he writes with an air of snobbery), I made it out of salvage old growth redwood so it will match all of the other wood in the house. It was quite a challenge. Hopefully I’ll have pictures in a day or two.


Jocelyn said...

Can't wait to see the photos. We have some doors to make and are really interested to see what you did too!

Kristin said...

No fair, I want a dumbwaiter. Guess that wouldn't make much sense in a one-story house, though. :)

Greg said...

Its not really a dumbwaiter it is just a small door about 3 feet off the ground that leads from the kitchen to the dining room. It was used to pass hot dishes from the stove to the sideboard. I have to use the router today to put on some detail and I hope to get it glued and clamped tonight. Pictures tomorrow or the next day.