Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s raining again. It kind of makes my get-up-and-go attitude get up and leave. I like to do something everyday when I’m working on a project so I’m back to focusing on the plaster walls. I got the plaster washers in the mail a few days ago so I’m securing lose parts. Eventually I’ll patch holes and skim coat the entire room.

I took measurements for the chimney liner as well. Not quite as bad as I thought because the access in the kitchen starts 8 feet up on the wall. I need about 19 feet to get me into the attic. Later I will finish it out the roof. Both chimneys fell in an earthquake some time ago so they no longer extend through the roof. That project is on the list and will probably stay there for a while.

I also had to get a new drain pipe for the garage. The house came with a 1920s 6 car garage with 2 apartments above the garages. I removed a 2 story addition last fall and stored all the wood in the last garage. The addition was also from the 1920s and made entirely of old growth redwood. I have just got a ton of wood in there. Anyway, the 4 inch drain that drains all the water from the garage roof runs along that side where the wood is. The drain has a 12 foot horizontal run to get the water out to the alley. It rusted out on the bottom and all of the water went in to the garage. I’m sure the wood will be fine but I had to fix the drain so I did that this morning too. Loads of fun.

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