Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just Like Old Times…Sort of

There was a time when this little town was a bustling sea port and logging was king. Ships came around the horn, from Australia, and up and down the west coast. They brought in supplies and took out lumber. Those days are long gone but I have seen pictures of the bay crammed with tall sailing ships.

This week we are having a visit from two old Tall Ships. That is The Lady Washington on the left and The Lynx on the right. The Bay in question is Humboldt Bay which is in No. California about and hour south of the Oregon boarder. The dock they are at is a public dock which is at the foot of my street about 8 blocks away. I can see the top of the masts from the attic windows of my house. Pretty damn cool.

Not exactly house related, but what the hell. I thought I'd share.

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