Friday, April 08, 2005

Winter Has Arrived

I live in a mild climate to begin with but this winter was very mild. Snow is a once in a life time event and it never gets very hot here. The temp always stays between 35 and 75 year round. You have to enjoy fog and cool days or you'll hate it. It is not for everyone, but after living in many places around the country I can honestly say I love it. This is were I was meant to live.

We got some rain in December but after that January, February, and March were very pleasant. Lots of T-Shirt days. You get cool mornings and chilly evenings but the days are just wonderful. About a week ago that all changed. The rains started and it probably won't stop until June. Last April it rained every day but 1. The record for this day is 1.3 inches and I'm pretty sure we blew that record out of the water today (no pun intended - or was it). We're talking Biblical. It was coming in sideways and it was cold. I got hail around 8:30 this morning and it is really coming in strong right now as I write. The old house creaks and moans a bit in the gale force winds coming off the bay but she has been through this many, many, many times before. We’ll both survive and be better for it.

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