Friday, April 15, 2005

Moving On

Mem’ries, Like the corners of my mind. Yes, The Door is in the wall and just a memory now. I was just thinking back to all the fun we had. Frolicking in the surf down at the beach. Running together through a dewy meadow. Oh, and there was the time we tried to cook live lobster in the kitchen. The Door scared me as I was trying to get the lobster in the pot and the lobster fell on the floor and crawled behind the frig. Sigh. That’s all over now, but I’ve moved on. I think The Door has too. Sure, there is the occasional awkward glance as I walk past The Door in the kitchen, but it gets better every day.

It is time to move on and that means the last of the in-wall projects in the kitchen. In an impetuous moment a few months back I bought a circa 1895 cast iron stove to go in the kitchen. I have to line the brick kitchen flue to bring it up to code other wise the stove will be nothing but an expensive piece of eye candy. So far the estimate I’ve gotten seems to be about $25.00 a foot for flexible stainless steel liner. That is if I do the work myself. I need to go up through 2 floors and a tall attic. Below is a picture of my impulse buy. Feel free to use expressions like, “Holy Crap” or “Jeeze Louise, will you look at that thing”. Needless to say, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

PS That is not my house in the picture


Aaron said...

“Holy Crap.” “Jeeze Louise, will you look at that thing.”

jm said...

The door has been officially jilted! Whoa!

derek said...

Sounds like something from a Thomas Pynchon novel

Kristin said...

Oh the beauty and wonder of an enormous cast iron stove. That's my kind of impulse buy.