Friday, October 14, 2005

Base Unit 1 to Base Unit 2...

...Come in Base Unit 2, over.

Well, I got the new drain plug for the compressor today so I’m back in business with the pneumatic nailer. I was able to get both base cabinets put together with the exception of the fronts and doors.

Tomorrow I will start on the rails and stiles and work on gluing up boards for the doors. The last big creative thing to do is come up with some sort of design for the toe-kick apron. It can’t be anything too fancy because you do need to get your toes under it. This is new territory for me. Up until now everything I’ve done has been pretty much straight cuts.

Base Unit One

I will make one stationary shelf for this cabinet. It will basically be for pots and pans. The redwood is in pretty good shape so I think I’ll leave it unpainted. Maybe a little BLO & Turpentine.

Base Unit Two

This one will house the dishwasher. I’ve never measured something so much in my life. I had (have) this huge fear of making it too small. The toe-kick piece at the bottom is screwed in not nailed and glued. I can remove it, install the dishwasher, and then put it back in place. This one will get a matching apron just as the other. The idea on the apron is that the two cabinets will look like pieces of furniture. Think of the apron at the bottom of a dresser. That is what I hoping to accomplish. Fingers crossed.

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