Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crossing “I”s and Dotting “T”s

Here are the requisite pictures of the finished cabinets. I am very happy with them. Because my compressor is still down I was forced to use a hammer and nails like a savage to do the crown detail on them. It wasn’t too bad, really, but I’ve become very accustomed to the pneumatic finish nailer that I was worried about hammer dings. There was one small one that will haunt me until the end of time, but it could have been worse.

To be honest they’re not completely finished. I still need to make 2 shelves for each of them. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I think I can pound them out this weekend. I will then paint the insides and it will be on to the floor cabinets. I’m hoping those will go quicker. Now that I have two cabinets under my belt this is practically second nature to me.

Note The Old World Craftsmanship

Note The Fine Attention To Detail

Note The Still Unfinished Interior


ben said...

Ooo, a pneumatic nailer. That would be better than straightening and reusing old nails. Might need to add that to the Christmas list!

Greg said...

Oh yes, the pneumatic finishing nailer is unbelievably helpful. With one squeeze of the trigger it drops the nail just below the surface and ready for putty. You can hold the piece steady with one hand and in a matter of seconds have it nailed in to place. Mine takes 1.25 to 2.5 inch nails. It is a Craftsman that I bought it for about $100 at a pawn shop. Worth-every-penny!

Trissa said...

The cabinets look great- nicely done!

Suzanne said...

Very nice job, Greg!

Patricia W said...

I think when you are done with your home you can quit your day job and go into old home renovation. They look mah-velous!

erilyn said...

Really nice, they look super and fit in with the feel of the house so well.

Beth said...

Beautiful moulding.

I don't think you'll need to paint the insides. I kind of like how it looks. Maybe just some shelf paper on the shelves, and then you're set.

Jealous of your nailer.

slateberry said...

I *LOVE* the beadboard cabinet sides. You don't get that look when you build modern plywood cabinet boxes. The more I read your blog, the further I move away from plywood. I am being assimilated by the Petch House.