Monday, October 17, 2005

Let’s Play A Little Game

I purchased a small antique item today. I’ll give you a series of hints and you try and guess what it is. If you guess right you get a Gold Star.

Hint 1: It is Not bigger than a bread box.
Hint 2: It is Not smaller than a bread box.
Hint 3: It is exactly the same size as a bread box.
Hint 4: It goes in a kitchen.
Hint 5: It is made out of redwood.

Here are two pictures of the mystery item. Bare in mind it needs repainting. At least I cleaned all the spider webs out of it.

Hint 6: The oval on the door used to have a piece of glass in it. I’m going to replace the glass and have the word “Bread” sand blasted in to it. Can anybody guess what this mystery item is?


Amanda said...

Gosh, I don't know. I think I need another clue or two. LOL.

Nice find.

neil said...

I particularly like the front "toe-kick" detailing that will match your cabinets, on whatever that is.

Cat litter-box? You might want to leave that oval open.

heather said...

Hey very cool mailbox! :D (he he he)

Gary said...

Looks like the very elusive green version of the oval holed forward leaning Amish latrine. With a few modifications it will fit the high tank toilet you recently purchased. I see you are missing the even rarer porcelain chamber pot that comes with it. It was extremely hard to produce one of those with an oval lip that rose up towards that hole!
If you are ever in Lancaster Pennsylvania and happen to see a man dressed in black at the side of the road with his arm up a horses butt, he is an Amish mechanic and he could show you how the thing works exactly!
In the meantime, it looks like a loaf of bread would fit nicely in it.

jenne said...

is it an old decorative kleenex cover?

Kristin said...

Handgun cabinet? Doll coffin? I know! Underwear holder - just pull the underwear out like Kleenex.

Greg said...

We, Kristin gets the Gold Star. It’s an Underwear Dispenser. :-)

Jocelyn said...

very cool. I think you could hide your tools in there and no one would be the wiser. ;)

Stewart Petch said...

its a desquise box(disquised as a bred box)... and its for you to stash all you weed in... man good find id like to get my hands on one too...