Monday, April 17, 2006

Aaaaaaand It’s Up

I awoke this morning to a strange yellow orb floating just above the horizon. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. As the day progressed the orb climbed higher in the sky. Slowly I regained memories of what this thing was. And then it dawned on me – It was the sun. I had forgotten what it looked like. It was a spectacular sight, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I say It’s Up.

Today, in celebration of the return of blue skies and warm sunshine I decided to hang the fabricated Queen Anne Door. I was going to put it off because now that I have the new side door I don’t use the back door as much, but what the hell, the door is there and I’m still in limbo waiting on the sink for the island. I also had the other deadbolt just begging to be installed.

Here’s what it looks like.

I think those may be the worst colors imaginable but its all I had. I primered and painted the new decoration at the bottom. I wanted to get at least one top coat on before it was subjected to the elements. This was the only exterior latex paint I had and the new house colors will be greens so I painted it green. The door is still that 1950s Pepto Bismol orangeish-pink color. By itself it’s not completely hideous, but together they make me want to barf. Maybe it will deter thieves.

To give you some perspective, the window on the left is the window that is above the kitchen sink. The wall that the door is hanging from I built a year ago in January (15 months ago). This was the small area of the porch that had been opened up in the 20s to add more exterior doors to the house. The door jamb, threshold, and siding and trim all came off the 1920s addition I dismantled.


Kristin said...

Those colors are quite distracting, aren't they? Looks awesome otherwise. And that wall you built, too.

merideth said...

"strange yellow orb"...I KNOW!!! maybe we can start getting something done around the've been showing us up for waaaay too long now! :)

merideth said...

"strange yellow orb"...i KNOW!!! maybe now we can start getting stuff done around the've been showing us up for way too long mr. i can work my power tools in the rainy weather ;)