Friday, April 28, 2006

House Paint: The First 4 Hours

Well, it is very slow going. If I had to do it over I would not have included the bay window in this first section. Because there are no windows on the main wall it is a lot of area to paint. The shingles are very time consuming. Here’s what I accomplished in 4 hours today.

It will go faster after this, not only because there will be more doors and windows, but also because I had to get used to working on the ladder. The first hour today was not very productive at all. Once I got my “sea legs”, so to speak, the pace picked up. Also, I started on the upper left and so I had to paint a lot of that area with my left hand while on the ladder. It was very awkward and slow.

I think tomorrow I can get the rest of it primed but I doubt I will get to any of the top-coats tomorrow. It looks like that will happen Sunday. This assumes, of course, that I don’t fall off the ladder and kill myself. Fingers crossed.


Monica said...

Stupid question - why don't you rent a compressor and spray the house?

Greg said...

No, that’s not a stupid question. I’m sure once I get to the front of the house every person who walks by will ask that question.

The main reason is because I’m using a ladder and not scaffolding (Read Blog Entry: Why No Scaffolding). Also, even if I did spray I would still need to back-brush all the shingles. Finally, I think the brush just gives a better paint job.

Kim said...

Greg, I've always heard the same thing about spraying vs. brushing. I've heard it "sticks* better, too.