Saturday, April 29, 2006

Almost Primed And Almost Ready

I got a lot more painting done today, but not quite as much as I wanted. If I hadn’t included the bay window in this section I could start a top-coat tomorrow. Because the ground is uneven it can take a while to get the ladder in place. Sometimes I have to dig a little hole so the ladder will sit level. When I was digging one of the holes I dug up a little box and inside I found….

We Interrupt This Blog Entry About House Painting To Bring You Wood

<--Redwood Alert - Redwood Alert-->
The second batch of redwood arrived for the cabinets I plan to build at some point. I wrote about the First Piece last week so I won’t bore you with the details again. I will say that the first piece was burl and these are curly redwood. I wet down one board to show off the grain.

Ooooo Aaaaaaaa

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Entry Already in Progress.

….I’m hoping it will be worth a lot of money. It could really help out with the restoration. Anyway, back to the painting.

I got kind of a late start and it is very slow going. The shingles really take a long time. Some of it is due to a learning curve. I was being to cautious with the paint at first. You know how when you are paint a room you carefully cut in the edges and the make even smooth strokes with the roller to get an even coat. This isn’t like that at all. For the shingles I have to scoop out paint on a 4-inch brush and the shove it up into the triangle formed by two shingles. Then squish it up and there on both sides and the draw it out to get the bottom part of the shingle. Repeat that step for each and every shingle.


SmilingJudy said...

You're incorrigible!

TARR said...

Wouldn't a paint sprayer get to the tiny crevices better?

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