Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Contrast In Shingles

I just thought this was a neat image. You can see shingles in 3 different states. The gray shingles have never been painted. Those are the ones I put up. The brown ones have the 1920s paint that is falling off. The original color was a little redder than the color showing. And finally there are the tans ones that I just took the paint off of.


Chris Pehlke said...


Tried looking for your e-mail on the page but didn't see it. Have you cut the hole for your undermount sink yet? I have a similar issue and am trying to decide what too I should use and how I can polish the marble edge?
My slab is the same carrera marble about 1-1/4" thick. I need to cut a hole for a square sink. I could use my jig saw maybe? or a regular circular saw with a masonry blade, or I can get a mini-wet circular saw for cutting tile. Not sure what to use. I'd really appreciate your advice

Greg said...

Seeing as I’ve never actually done this before, I may not be the best to give advice. Having said that, here is how I plan to do it. First make a template out of ¼-inch MDF and secure it to the marble. I then will drill a 5/8-inch hole a ¼-inch or so away from the edge of the template. Using a ½-inch carbide template bit on the router I will follow around the template until I cut out the hole. Be sure to secure the piece that will be removed from the bottom so it doesn’t break off half way through. This should give me a hole the proper size with a nice smooth edge. I’ll then take an ogee bit with a bearing guide on it and go around the edge of the hole again to give it some detail. I’ll do the outside edge of the slab with the same ogee bit. In my test cuts the carbide router bit made a very smooth cut. I don’t plan on doing any polishing.

I’m sure I will be blogging about this in excruciating detail in a few weeks when I cut my sink hole.