Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Design Templates

I’ve come up with two templates for the last cabinet doors. I still haven’t decided which one to go with, but I’m getting close. In the picture below, the two doors will fill the open space under the sink.

The space is 28-inches wide and the idea is that there will be 2 14-inch wide doors that will swing out from the center. On the inside-bottom of each door I want to do matching cut-away designs. Below are two I’ve come up with. These are templates I will use to cut the final doors. By using a template I can insure that both will be identical. If you picture these as the left-hand door, then the right will be a mirror image. I hope that makes sense.

Style 1
Ignore the old handle. The hinges will be on the left

Style 2

Close-up of basic design

These are basically variations on a theme. One is bigger than the other but they both employ the same basic design that is in the close-up. With any luck I can start to cut the doors tomorrow.

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