Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fancy Doors: Day 3

First off, I’ve decided to go with Style 1 for the base of the doors (See picture below). This was always kind of my favorite, but the main reason is because Style 2 showed too much. The cut-away was too big and it revealed plumbing under the sink. Style 1 is confined more towards the center and does not go up as high.

The Winning Style

Yesterday I took the panels out of the clamps and started sanding. In the picture below you can see that the one on the right is sanded and the one on the left still looks very much like 4 boards. I finished sanding today and got the doors cut and hung. I make the panels several inches longer and wider than I need and then finalize the size once they are sanded down.

Sasnded Down

Cut To Size

I then got them hung on the hinges. This went pretty good. The gap in the center of the two doors is perfect at the top and about an 1/8-inch wide at the bottom. Hardly perfect and really not expectable. I think I can shim the lower-left hinge to bring them into alignment. I will play around with that after I cut the detail. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

Hung & Waiting For Style 1

I used more of the old brass ball-tipped hinges I got off Ebay. I had bought 20 or so hinges for a little over $20. A great deal. I had thought about getting them nickel plated but I cheaped out at the last minute. They look fine. These hinges are the loosest loose-pin hinges I’ve ever seen in my life. A few times I accidentally mounted them upside down and the pin just falls out as I’m trying to hang the door. Put it back in and it falls right back out. Not good.

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