Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oiled Up & Ready To Go

I got the counter mounted and oiled today. Some parts came out much darker than I thought. You can see the same thing on the other redwood counters in the kitchen so it’s ok. It’s just always surprising how dark the wood gets with the BLO on it. When it is cut and sanded the redwood has a light salmon color to it and it looks uniform across the boards. But boy, some of the veins in it just turn black with the oil. It should lighten some as the oil dries.

I’ve decided to buy a piece of wood (Gasp! Greg's actually buying wood!) for the backsplash. I just don’t have any boards readily available that are both long enough and wide enough and don’t have nail holes or knots. I could easily take 2 or 3 boards and glue them together in the same fashion I did the counter itself, but that would take all weekend for the glue to set. I don’t want to cut holes for the faucets until the backslash is on, so if I do glue up smaller boards it will just push everything several more days out and I'm ready for a sink. Also, I’m supposed to have a little dinner party next Saturday and I’ve told them I will cook!

Tomorrow I go faucet shopping.


sexierexie said...

It's so beautiful! You have wonderful taste, and you're doing such an amazing job!

Kristin said...

There's no harm in taking a shortcut now and again. Your kitchen looks great.

jmm922 said...

I was going to comment yesterday, but your shocking news made me feel faint and I had to go lie down.

seriously, looks very nice.

Greg said...

Thank you all for the nice comments. It is hard for me to admit, but I think I'm happy with it.