Monday, November 21, 2005

This Could Be The One

I stumbled upon a type of Pocket Door Lockset that would solve my problems and require very little modification to the doors. I was scouring the web for locksets and I found the set pictured below at Historic House Parts. Actually, the set in the picture sold and the site says they have another one that is missing the striker, so it won’t work, but the style is right.

Notice how only one side has a mortised lockset and the other side is just the striker. This would be perfect. Another intersting thing about it is that two of the pulls have no back to them. The locking mechanism is part of the lockset housing. When it is mounted the pulls with the open backs give access to the lever that locks and unlocks the doors. There are small finger holes on the lock face for you to pull the doors out of the wall. Very clever.

I found another identical set at Ed Donaldson Hardware but they were also sold. Grrrr! Historic House Parts has a Searching Service for a fee. I might use it to have them search their extensive inventory for another set.

Here is a picture of the one that sold over at Ed Donaldson. You can see how the locking mechanism is on the lock case. This is accessed by the pulls with no backing on them

I just went back to House of Antique Hardware to drool some more and I saw the set below. I must have overlooked it before. They want $425 for it. Gulp!

What to do. What - to - do.


Gary said...

We're going to be at several large antique malls tomorrow. I'll see if they have any and email a picture and a price if they do. I always look at the hardware section.

Patricia W said...

The set you found for $425 matches the style in my house although my doors aren't two sides that meet. It has the latch inside of the pull. $425 is steep.

Kristin said...

$425? Yikes!