Friday, November 04, 2005

Faucet: Check!

I got the backsplash on and bought the faucet. I got the holes drilled for the faucet but I will wait until the counter has the poly finish on until I hook everything up. I can’t start the finish until the glue for the plugs has finished. The plugs cover the screws which hold on the backsplash. Got it? Good.

I didn’t get the exact faucet I wanted but I’m happy with the one I got. It is very similar to my first choice. I like the simplicity of it. The one I wanted came with a soap dispenser that I wasn’t planning on using. It was $75 more than the one I bought, so basically I would have been paying $75 for something I wasn’t going to use. I ended up going with stainless steel instead of chrome. It was a last minute decision and I’m still not sure how much I like it.

Close-up Of The Faucet

One of the Plugs Covering a Screw

½-inch Forstner Bit & ½-inch Plug Cutter

The Forstner bit drills a flat bottomed hole and the plug-cutter makes a perfect sized plug for the hole. You drill in a screw that falls below the level of the wood. Then glue in a plug. Once the glue sets I will sand it smooth and it should be almost invisible.

Still Need to Oil the Backslash


The McCords' said...


kingstreetfarm said...

WOW! Will you come do our kitchen?? LOL! You are really talented, this is coming together so beautifully.

I like the faucet, by the way.

Anne said...

Love it! Everything is gorgeous.

Suzanne said...

Greg, that looks really nice. You are doing a wonderful job! Love the faucet!

Jocelyn said...

great job on the plugs and I like the faucet.

Anonymous said...

Looks good! I am curious about what you are going to do with the space under the sink?

Greg said...

The plan for under the sink is to make two doors to cover that area. They won’t go all the way to the ground and will have a scalloped detail at the bottom. I thinking now, though, that it might be nice to have some sort of shelf under there. You will be able to see under there to some extent and I don’t want the view to be of comet, DW detergent, and things like that. This is still an idea in progress.

amanda said...

Looks fabulous!