Sunday, December 03, 2006

3D Sketch Up of New bath

If you haven’t tried Google’s Sketch Up, you should. First of all, it’s free, and second of all, it’s pretty damn cool. It took 10 minuets or so to watch the on-line tutorial videos and that’s pretty much all it took to become proficient at making 3D models of the new bathroom.

Above is a 3D mock up of the proposed bathroom. After I did this, I thought about doing it over, because I learned a lot about Sketch Up along the way. This is pretty much to scale, and you can see how tight the space is.

If you have Sketch Up, or if you download it, you can click here and download the SKP file of my bathroom. You can then load the file and twirl it around and play with it.


Aaron said...

Cool. I've thought Sketch Up was a good tool for DIYers ever since Google first bought it and made it free but I've not played with it myself.

You've given me motivation, though, and the timing is good--we need to mock up our living room before we begin it as our next big project.

Anonymous said...

omg your bathroom looks atrocious! shapeless tub, floating mirror, trough-pond instead of traditional toilet?!? i'm never coming over.

Greg said...

Yea, it’s this new minimalist trend. But, you know me, I follow the trends no matter what.