Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shopping Spree

Ok, what do you get when you cross a drunken sailor with a mad man? I’ll give you a hint. His name is Greg. He lives in The Petch House. And he spends money like a bizarre cross between a mad man and a drunken sailor.

Naturally, I’ve been buying things for the bathroom, but it’s gone beyond that. As I scour Ebay for bathroom things, I see things that I want that aren’t necessarily bathroom related, and I feel compelled to bid on them because they are such a good deal. It’s not like I have money to spare right now, yet I bid anyway. Maybe to some this is normal behavior, but I’m not much of a shopper. I have the restraint and patience of a Nun when it comes to not buying things I want. If anything, I’m The Anti-Shopper.

I watch items in My Ebay sometimes because I’m just curious as to what they will sell for. It’s things I’m not really shopping for, but things I wouldn’t mind having, so I click on the Watch This Item in My Ebay link. Twice over the past few weeks I’ve logged on to Ebay only to see that some of those items were ending in a few minutes with no bids SO I BID ON THEM. This is not normal behavior for me.

Anyway, here are my bathroom purchases of the past few weeks. I'm piling everything up in the dining room so it doesn't get broken or lost. Some of the bedrooms are still a chaotic pile of doors and molding. The attic and garages are completely out of control. Most of these were Ebay purchases, and some were purchased at local shops. The Ebay purchases were all low-ball bids, so I got great deals on them. For me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly what I want, I just have to get it for a good price. It’s the thrill of the hunt that excites me.

A pair of 1890s Swing Arm Wall Sconces with etched glass shades. I’m not sure if the shades are original, but I like them.

Nickel plated, cast brass, 3-arm towel rod. This thing is heavy and solid. The plating is passable, so it will be hung as is. To the left are a set of 4 Victorian swing arm curtain rods. This is one of those items I don’t really need, but they were less than $10 each. I couldn’t afford not to buy them.

In the back is a cup holder/soap dish. Again, it’s nickel/brass. This will need to be replated. In the front are a pair of nickel/brass shelf brackets. There will be a piece of plate glass that will make up the shelf.

This is the ceiling fixture. Not sure about the shade, but it’ll do for now.

These are the brackets that Don at Vintage Plumbing made me. They will need to be plated. Below that is another purchase that I don’t really need….but at that price…..It’s a locking door set that doesn’t fit any door I have. It’s just in beautiful shape, though. It’s like a giant cast iron cabinet pull. Honestly, these may end up going back on Ebay

Some porcelain escutcheon for the sink and tub supply lines. A dollar a piece! How could I say no?

This is the medicine cabinet for the bathroom. You need to use your imagination with this one because it still looks pretty ratty. I bought 2 of them for $35 a few years ago. They came out of a 1880s hotel that was remodeled in 1902, so who knows when they are from. If you can’t use your imagination the next picture is of the other one that is now in the upstairs bathroom.

Still in transit, or to be purchases are a long towel bar, some faucets, and a toilet paper holder. After that, I can start to seriously think about buying tile.
Oh, and I think I've come to an agreement with DEA Bath on the marble vanity and a whole bunch of other bathroom related plumbing crap. More to come on that.


Angus said...

That medicine cabinet and the wainscotting are shellacked? If so, woohoo, I'm into this whole shellack thing.

Greg said...

Yep, that is shellac: Natures Wonder.

Patricia W. said...

oh those sconces are really pretty! Well, everything is really pretty. I can't wait to see it when it's done, it'll be a stunner!

Kristin said...

I have those same (or very similar) nickel-plated shelf brackets. And of course, I got them on eBay.

eBay is the devil. I can go for months without buying anything on there, but then once I start looking, I go all crazy and buy a million things.