Monday, December 04, 2006

Sorry DCI, I didn’t mean to steal.

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I was down at Almquist Lumber to buy 3 feet of oak for the high-tank toilet frame. While I was there I was amazed to see that they had 1X8 redwood shiplap siding in the same profile as my house. I’m going to be needing a total of about 80 feet to fill in on the back wall of the bathroom after remove the two big windows and put in the small stained glass window.

I have some salvage left, but it’s really the bottom of the barrel stuff, and I knew there would never be enough. I had visions of paying huge sums of money to have 30 or 40 feet custom milled, so you can see why I was thrilled when I saw this stuff at Almquist. They didn’t have much, though. The guy told me they only keep a little in stock for people who need to make repairs. This profile was very popular at the turn of the century and you see it on a lot of homes in the area. Some refer to it as Rustic V Groove Shiplap.

I calculated that I needed 6 pieces 12-feet long, and 10 pieces 5-feet long to fill in after I removed the windows. From the wood shed I was able to get three 12-footers and eight 5-footers. That left me a deficit of three 12-footers and two 5-footers, so today I drove out to Almquist to get the remaining pieces.

I took in a sample and told the guy at the counter I saw some just like it when I was in here last week. He said, “Oh yes, the old redwood stuff. We don’t have much.” To which I said, “Well, I don’t need much”. We went back and found it and it seemed there was even less than before. There were two 14-footers and a few 10-footers, and then some scraps that were no longer than 6-feet. I was getting a littler nervous. I could always put multiple short pieces on a row, but it would look odd on such a small wall. Suddenly, behind some pine siding he found a whole stack of 12-footers. Very nice. We grabbed 3 off the front of the stack, and I grabbed one of the 10-footers, and we headed out to ring it up.

The price was a little less than I was quoted over the phone. It came to $3.21 a foot, and while that’s not cheap, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than getting it milled. When I got home and started priming it, I found some writing in chalk on one of the 12-footers we pulled off the hidden stack.

Oops! Sorry DCI.


Patricia W. said...

Eeek! It seems like they might have labeled it better than that, like maybe bundling them together with twine and putting a flag on the twine.

Their loss is your gain, I'm glad you got what you needed.

Kristin said...

Hee hee, so naughty!