Sunday, December 17, 2006

Is Yours Smaller Than Mine?

That’s not too subtle of a question, is it? Well, regardless of what you’re thinking right now, this a Poll Question about the size of your bathroom. In this instance, I’m willing to bet the answer is “No”, yours is not smaller than mine.

I pushed the claw foot tub in to the room over a year ago and it occupied most of the floor space ever since. On paper, the bathroom appeared to have enough space, but with the center of the room being taken up by 300 pounds of cast iron, it has been difficult to judge whether that is true or not. Yesterday, I finally pulled up the rest of the flooring and was able to shove the tub up against the back wall and in to the space it will eventually occupy. Suddenly, the space doesn’t seem so cramped. Still, by any measurement, this can not be considered a large bathroom.

So, I’m wondering how this measures up against other bathrooms out there in the Blogosphere. For the sake of this discussion, only full bathrooms will count. Powder rooms need not apply. Also, if you have more than one full bathroom use your smallest bathroom when answering this question. For instance, my upstairs bathroom measures in at a luxurious 106 sq ft, while the new downstairs bath will have a finished floor space of only a paltry 63 sq ft.

So the question is….

Is your smallest full bathroom smaller than 63 sq ft?
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Bill said...

Sounds like your little bath is bigger than you think! :)

Ours is 40 sq feet with a 6'10" ceiling height. AND one ten-foot wall slants in under the Dutch Colonial roof, making it even smaller. After the tub, toilet and vanity there's about 15 square feet of floor.

Luxuriate in your square footage! And cubic footage! :)

Jason & Heather said...

Close! Our main bathroom downstairs and our master bathroom upstairs are 66 sq. ft. each. Our guest bathroom upstairs is 78 sq. ft.

Jocelyn said...

Wow! I'm shocked how many others are dealing with a small bathroom. Ours is pretty small. Someday, when we convert the basement to living space, I'd like to put the "master suite" down there with a more spacious bathroom. My boss' bathroom is larger than our bedroom! Hers is an addition though. Modern construction is so much bigger.

The plight of old home owners: small closets and small bathrooms- but huge charm :)

Ryan said...

I don't mean to brag but my bathroom has approximately 6 square feet of unoccupied floor space.

There is room for your feet while sitting on the toilet, which you must be doing to use the sink. There is so little room beside the tub that the door needs to be open to be able to climb in and out of the tub.

Plus it's all painted a lovely color of vomit green.

Needless to say it's on the list of rooms to be renovated.

Jocelyn said...

Jocelyn - 45 square feet!

Nadja and Sean said...

I think ours is about 10x6... I guess that is 60 sq. ft. Once you count the space for the tub (also about 300 lbs of cast iron!), sink, and toilet, there's not much left... we are seriously considering giving up part of a bedroom to add more space when we finally re-do it.

derek said...

ours is 6'x6.5', so only 39 sq. feet.

StuccoHouse said...

Just a wee bit over 34 sq ft here :-)

mbbored said...

Mine's probably about 40 sq feet: with the door open, the toilet is blocked. While sitting on said toilet, I can simulataneously put one foot in the tub and turn on the sink and I'm only 5 feet tall.

Anonymous said...

I win. My one-bedroom guest cottage has an adorable 18 square foot bathroom (3' x 6'). There is a toilet, sink, shower, and even a window! I lived in the cottage for a year while renovating the main house and found this tiny bathroom perfectly pleasant. I miss that bathroom when I'm cleaning my current one.