Friday, December 29, 2006

You Can Thank Goth Girl of the Week

That’s where I got that annoying piece of code that scrolled the title of my blog. A few weeks back I was looking at the referring URLs to see how people stumbled on to my site and one of them was Being that I’ve always secretly liked woman that dress in the Goth Style, naturally, I had to take a look. I imagined that dozens of beautiful Goth Girls were fascinated by the work I was doing on my house, and were hanging on my every written word. I mean, an 1895 Victorian does sort of go a long with the whole Goth Thing. It could happen. It could.

As it turns out The Goth Girl of the Week site does not link to my site. There aren’t dozens of Goth Girls out there reading my blog. Sigh! I think someone was ogling the Goth Girls and clicked on the “Next Blog” link that appears at the top of all Blogger blogs and that lead them to my blog.

Any way, Goth Girl of the Week scrolls their blog title and for a few brief minutes I thought it was cool, so I cut the code out and tried it. It is very annoying, but here’s the code if anyone wants to be annoying. Just change where it says “The Petch House” to the name of your blog and then past the code in to your template.

Remove the 2 asterisks before the words "script"

<*script language="javascript">
// (c) Premshree Pillai
// Use freely as long as this message is intact.
var msg = " The Petch House ";
var pos = 0;
var spacer = " ... ";
var time_length = 100;
function ScrollTitle()
document.title = msg.substring(pos, msg.length) + spacer + msg.substring(0, pos);
if (pos > msg.length) pos=0;

Another annoying thing you can do on your blog is to have blinking text. I mean look at this sentence. Is this annoying or what? Adding blinking color text is even more annoying. If you really want to piss people off have an entire paragraph blink. Oh man, who could stand to look at it.

Both of these things – the blinking text and the scrolling title bar - fall under the category, “Just Because You Can Do Something, Doesn’t Mean You Should”. If you really want to annoy people with blinking text then use the <*blink> and <*/blink> tags on your blog. From Blogger you would use these while you were writing under "Edit Html" while creating a new post.

Man, that makes my eyes hurt trying to read that.


Poppy said...

ACK! How annoying!There'll be no blinking text or paragraphs from me!

I'm totally html stupid. I can't even figure out how to link others blogs from mine or create one of those side bars with the links to other blogs I like to read. (which I think may be one in the same thing??) How embarrassing is that to admit?!

Aaron said...

It's a good thing lots of us like reading your posts for the content... ;-)

Mindy said...

Haha - oh man. At work, one of our inside jokes is about clients asking for blinking text with flames behind it. (I'm a web designer.) It's not as common now, but I have had clients plead with me to use scripts like that. CEO's just love a good seizure-inducing animation.

Poppy - the sidebars are usually called "blogrolls" and most blogging software has a built-in place to add people to them. Not sure how Blogger works exactly, but look for "Add to blogroll" or something similar!

Falcona said...

We don't use that code anymore. But thank you for Archiving it for us :)

Greg said...

We don't use that code anymore. But thank you for Archiving it for us :)

No - Thank you!