Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm guessing 4.9

Not seconds ago we just got hit with an earthquake. I always like to try and guess the strength. It should be posted soon at the USGS site.

Let's see how close I am!


Greg said...

Damn! It was a 5.1

Bill said...

Pretty dang close!

You should just start "The Petch Scale." Then you'd always be right.bill

Kathy from NJ said...

Greg, I went to the USGA site and saw that the earthquake was west of you in the ocean. Did you feel it? Did The Petch House shake? Did any of the tile crack??? Do you have to ever be concerned about flooding (tidal wave)?

Greg said...

You don't need to be right on top of a quake to feel it. A moderately sized quake like the 5.1 last night can be felt for dozens of miles depending upon what's between you and the epicenter.

A 5.1 feels like a truck hit the house and then there is a gentle shaking for 5 or 6 seconds. You won't get any damage until it gets up to like 5.6 or so, even then it will only be a picture falling off the wall or a plant knocked over. The Richter scale is strange so a 5.6 is much, much stronger than a 5.1.

Structural damage won't occur until you get over a 6.0 or so, but even that depends a lot on the ground you're one. Buildings built on flood plane or soft ground are more likely to suffer damage than those built on firmer ground.

The Petch House has weathered 2 earthquakes greater than 7 just in the last 15 years. Still solid as a rock.

Anonymous said...

you okay?

Bones said...

5.1...not too shabby!

Must be a Californian thing.