Monday, June 11, 2007

Tiles In!

The bathroom anyway. I still have the little mud room. The bathroom is a little over 10X6, and the little mud room is just about 4X5. I’ve gone through 12 of the 20 boxes of tile, so I’m in very good shape. The goal is to finish up the mudroom tomorrow, then let everything sit on Wednesday, and then grout on Thursday. The grout has become a bit of an issue, but first, a picture


As for the gout, the original plan was to do a light gray grout. I used gray mortar to set the tile and I bought an un-sanded grout called “Delorian Gray”. I first grabbed it because I thought it was called “Dorian Gray”. I think that would have been a cooler name for it, but who am I.

Anyway, I was all set for Delorian Gray until I had the problems with the tile under the tub. I wasn’t happy with my grout lines so at the last minute I switched to “Antique White”. It’s very similar to the color of the tile, or, at least the color some of the tile. There are variations among the different tiles. I was worried about this as well, but I think it’s very pleasant, and actually probably better than having all uniformly white tile on the floor.

Anyway again, I now have all of the tile in the bathroom, and if I was getting a report card on my installation the teacher would probably write “Much Improved”, and I would agree. With the exception of one area, I think the rest of the bathroom came out very nice and I think it would be nice to show off my razor thin, yet asymmetrical grout lines.

Unfortunately I’ve hooked my wagon to Antique White. It seems it would be very odd to have Antique White under the tub area and Delorina Gray in the rest of the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, the antique white is not hideous. It’s not like I have gag reflexes every time I look at it. I just think the light gray would be better.

I’m left with 2 options. One, I could just do the whole bathroom in Antique White and be done with it. The other option is to move the tub out of the way. Get a grout knife and carve away at the antique white grout, and then regrout the entire bathroom in Delorian Gray. At this point, I’m leaning so far towards option one I’m practically laying on the floor.

Option 2 would push the whole project back a few days. You might be thinking that it’s already been 6 months working on this stupid, God forsaken bathroom, what could a few days possibly matter. Well, IT’S BEEN SIX FREAKIN MONTHS WORKING ON THIS STUPID, GOD FORSAKEN BATHROOM!!!! I’M READY TO BE DONE WITH IT!!!!

I have until Thursday to decide.

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karen in indiana said...

the grey would look better, i already know you agree. so do the rest in grey and (someday) go back and redo the antique white. i know i know you hate redoing (me too) but it beats doing it all wrong now and someday breaking down and having to undo it ALL. and meantime, two different grout colors but you can live with that and call it finished for now.
by the way... absolutely gorgeous! i do like the tile very very much.

Kimberly said...

Didn't you also use white for the walls? I vote that you keep the white.

heather said...

Oooooh! Ahhhhh! Very pretty. It looks amazing.

Angus said...

Greg, do things the easy way? Hmm.... So when's the tub coming out?

The bathroom is looking absolutely great btw!

What colour was the grout in the Oberon as you pulled it up? Or was it too dirty to tell?

Jocelyn said...

That looks so gorgeous. Incredible job Greg.

denise said...

6 months already? Gee, the time just flew by. (But damn I sure hope our bathroom project doesn't last that long--we're going to be chipping away on the Swedish flag bathroom very soon--even the ceiling is tiled!) Your bathroom looks fantastic and I'm SURE Antique White is the way to go.

Kathy from NJ said...

The bookmakers in Vegas are leaning toward your taking the tub out. I placed my money on the longshot.

Unless you plan to seal the grout, the antique white will turn grey all by itself.

My husband hopes you leave the tub alone. He's afraid you'll properly center it and then he has to spring for a plane ticket so I can take my shower.

Alicia said...

I am not a fan for grey grout. You are. Take that as indication that you should do the grey grout.

The variations on the tiles are the best part about them. Think of all the hours you will sit on the can and make patterns with them.

Newgarder said...

Yet,after perusing your blog,I'd take bets that you will pursue option two.

Newgarder said...

After perusing your blog I'd take bets that,concerning the bathroom, you'll pursue option two.

Newgarder said...

I'm confident that you will go grey in the bathroom.