Thursday, June 07, 2007

Interesting Comments & Tub’s In

I got a comment from John, the owner of DEA Bath today. It was short and to the point, but it speaks volumes.

Hi Greg;
Glad you got the last order right. Yes, we did have an idiot working the front, but he's gone. Things should be better now.
Bathroom Machineries

After I got the comment I thought back to my first encounter with the “idiot” last December. At the time, John called my house to try and figure out what was going on after I shot off an angry email. I never returned his call, but in hindsight I should have.

I’m not one to be a squeaky wheel, especially now that I have the blog, but had I known then that I would be dealing with them as much as I did over the past 6 months it would have been worth it to return the call. So, it seems John cleaned house, and I’m sure it’s for the better, and I learned a lesson. If it’s someone you plan on doing a lot of business with, let your bad experiences be known early on.

I also got a very interesting email from a member of the Petch family. This is an actual, real live Petch that can be traced right here to this house. It was from the Great Grand Daughter of Thomas and Phyllis Petch. Her father is the son of the youngest of the Petch boys.

Apparently, the grand son of Thomas Petch, the woman’s father who contacted me, is getting on in years, and the family decided to make a trip to No. California to see where it all started for the Petch Family in America. I guess after some brief Googling they found my blog and want to stop by for a visit this summer when they’re in the area. I said yes, naturally.

The best part is, they have pictures, or at least a picture. The woman mentioned she has a family picture dated 1888. That does pre-date the Petch House, but that’s fine by me. To date, I’ve not found one scrap of a picture of anything relating to the house or the family and I’ve poured over several photo archives. So, that’s pretty exciting.

And finally, the tub is in and hooked up to the drain. It fits nicely, but it is off-set one inch to the left for some reason. I planned on 4-inches on all sides. No matter, it’s in and it looks nice. Now I can start to tile the rest of the floor.


Carol said...

Nice? The tub looks awesome. The whole bathroom really.

HPH said...


Kathy from NJ said...

Well, now that I know that it's an inch off center, I'm withdrawing my offer to shower in front of you.

It looks great, Greg.

mike & rachel said...

Looking real good! I had the grandchildren of my original owners a few months back and must say it was a really cool (and helpful) experience. Hope they can track down some more pics for you...

John said...

Very nice. I'd love to see a close-up of the tile if it isn't too much of a bother.

Nicolle said...

The bathroom is looking fantastic! I cannot believe you got all of those tiles done. You must have the patience of Job.

Greg said...

"Well, now that I know that it's an inch off center, I'm withdrawing my offer to shower in front of you.

It looks great, Greg."

Note to self: Get tub centered ASAP!

Greg said...


I remember when you got the visit and were blogging about it. At the time I was thinking, "Man, I wish I could meet some family members. Maybe I could get a picture or something"