Monday, November 14, 2005

The Big Picture

I am finally done with the cabinets. I never thought I would write that. I celebrated yesterday by eating three real meals prepared at home and now it’s time to move on. The kitchen needs 2 things done to it and it will be a finished project. I need to hang 3 doors and put up a tin ceiling.

The 3 doors are a bigger job than they sound because none of them are in hanging shape right now. They need paint stripped and hinge screw holes fixed. It may take as long as 2 or 3 weeks to get them done, which in real time means 3 or 4 weeks.

The tin ceiling is still up in the air. I priced it more than 2 years ago and I think the estimate was just under $1000 for the material. I’m not sure if that included shipping. I still haven’t decided if I can or want to spend that kind on money right now. I have a few weeks to think about it while I’m working on the doors.

Yesterday I made a great, great find that I will talk about more in a few days. It is a very big deal and I’m really excited about. That is the reason I’m mentioning now. I don’t want to go in to any more details until the item in question is in my hot little hands.

Also, to finish up some business about the dishwasher in the cabinet. There was some concern about moisture and I’m happy to report that it does not seem like it will be an issue. The only time the DW lets off steam is during the drying cycle. There is a small vent on the front that is about 1X4-inches. There is a gap of about 2 inches where this steam could get up underneath the counter.

It seems there is some dynamic of air flow that prevents the steam from getting up in there. The dead air in the space above the DW and below the counter does not let the steam in. Instead the steam is forced out the few inches until it can make it’s way over the front of the counter and up in to the air. I’ve run two loads now and both times the underside of the cabinet just above the vent is dry as a bone. I do have to make sure I leave the door open while it is running, but it is not in the way at all so it is a non-issue.

And now for the final picture of the cabinets. I’ve included a Big Picture, which is a rare treat for my blog. If you click on the small picture below it will load a bigger version of the same thing.


kingstreetfarm said...

are you SURE you won't come help us with our kitchen after seeing what our contractors did?? LOL!

Keep up the great work; your kitchen is looking amazing. It's serving as inspiration for me, since we've officially run out of money and we're stuck doing our whole kitchen ourselves, with the fifty or so bucks we have left. Oy.

JLynnette said...

Your kitchen looks great! I'm seriously impressed and in awe of your work. Good job!

Joan said...

Wow, does that look lovely. I wasn't sure I was going to like the cutouts on the middle doors, but they absolutely work.

Serendipity House said...

Just lovely!

Lauren674 said...

You manage to do a great job on work you haven't really tried before, while minimizing expense. (That's what we try to do in our old house, on a smaller scale of course.) I also enjoy your humor about it all, and have learned a lot from your instructions.

Congratulations on a very job well done, and enjoy!

Patricia W said...

A pleasant kitchen and definitely one of a kind. Great work!

John said...

Love the cabinets. After watching your progress, I think I have to guts to make some for the Queen.

We're thinking about tin ceilings in two or three rooms in the Queen. We decided to put it off until the very end. The original ceilings are made of 3/4 inch tongue-in-groove boards. They take paint well, so we'll give them a few coats of white to "finish" them until we can come up with three to four grand for tin.

deb said...

re: tin ceiling... if you want the look right now, you can always go with an anaglipta wallpaper, which is paintable, and not as expensive as the tin... anaglipta is available in many different patterns and it could act as a stand-in until you're ready to shell out the big bucks for the real thing.

your kitchen is coming along fantastic btw but you already knew that! let us know when you're ready to head north! lol

Kristin said...

Fabulous and delightful! Inspired!

Jocelyn said...

beautiful job Greg- you've come a long way. I love the authenticity to all your projects.

mindy said...

Wow, that is magazine-worthy for sure. That light looks fantastic and really completes the look.

I think we need to steal your idea for the under-sink doors, we have a curtain right now and the dogs seem to think every piece of hanging fabric in our house needs to be marked. Not to mention it's a much more elegant solution than a big wad of fabric.

Great job as always - you never fail to amaze me!