Friday, March 02, 2007

Cabinet Update

Nothing too exciting to report at the old Petch House today, but does that stop me from posting anyway. Not on your life. If I get to experience the tedious boredom of mortising hinges, then we all suffer through it together. That’s the way it works in the blogosphere.

The cabinets are coming together ever so slowly. It’s just two stupid cabinets but it seems like it is taking me forever to make them. I blame my hero, Norm Abram for my distorted sense of time. He is always whipping through projects on his show in no time at all. It seems that man can build anything in 26 minutes and 46 seconds. When I do the same thing it takes two weeks.

But I am in the cabinet end-game and it feels good. I got the two doors hung today and yesterday I finished the drawer. The drawer came out pretty good, despite a few set backs.

Here’s the small one with the door hung. It is a bit on the narrow side but it will be for bath towels only so it should be fine. The interior is 14X12 inches.

All that’s left for this one is an inside bottom and a single shelf. The bottom is nothing more than another shelf so really it’s just two pieces of wood. I’m hoping to finish that tomorrow but at the pace I’m going it will take a week. I wonder if I can use my pocket hole jig to secure those shelves in there. Hmmmm….maybe not.

This is the corner cabinet with the fancy new drawer. Of course, I planned this all along. In the next picture you can see the screwy shape I had to make the drawer because it is a corner cabinet. When I removed the 1920s addition to the house I kept all the drawers from the two rental kitchens. They made really big, deep drawers back then so they’re all made out of full dimensional 1X10 fir with solid wood panels for the bottoms. They are really very nice and I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

The reason I mention the old drawers is because I used one of the smaller ones to make the drawer for this cabinet. They did not use glue on the 1920s cabinets so it was pretty easy to pry the small drawer apart and reuse the pieces to make the new drawer. All of the pieces already had the dado in it to except the bottom panel and I had the solid piece of quarter inch thick fir for the panel. I still have 8 or 9 of those old drawers I can use in other projects.

The corner cabinet will only have a bottom and no shelves. This will be for cleaning supplies, TP, plunger, etc. I had an extra drawer pull left over from the kitchen and the hunt is on for a pair of cabinet latches. Tomorrow I’m going to take the doors off and begin to paint them. I’ll also work on the shelves this weekend. After that I’ll install the glass and those babies will be done! Wooo-Hooo! One step closer to tile-mania!


Mark said...

For hardware you may want to consider Lee Valley Tool. Not sure if they are in the states too but they do shipping which I know you love.

kingstreetfarm said...

Looking great! I'm impressed with the triangular (?!) drawer, especially. Isn't it funny how sometimes when we think we've made a mistake, it turns out to be a valuable learning experience?

Ragnar Bartuska said...

I definitely wouldn't do pocket holes for the shelf and the bottom - just screw some nice-looking boards to the sides and lay down the shelf. That way you can even take it out for cleaning or whatever you like.

Fancy old cabinets here had zigzag slats in the front and back of both sides so the shelves were even adjustable.

PS: with every comment I post here there are more letters to enter below...

Angus said...

Funny, Mark'S post. I was just gonna say that that drawer pull looks an awful lot like the ones in my Lee Valley Catalogue.