Friday, March 30, 2007

Oops! Ran Out Of Tile

It didn’t come as any big surprise, and the new tile I ordered from Subway Ceramics is on it’s way. It would have been nice to finish up this weekend, but that’s OK. There’s plenty to do around this feculant hell hole.

It really is getting bad. Even though I sort of took a day off yesterday from working on the bathroom to get the place cleaned up a little, I didn’t get that far. I’ve been tiling until 6 o’clock every evening and that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

To be honest, a day off sounds kind of nice, but there is always the salvaged hex tile from Oberon Saloon to work on. I can hear it calling me now.


Cat said...

That tile is drop dead gorgeous. I have not tiled in my kitchen because I refuse to buy the new subway tiles with the rounded edges. I've been following your journey here, and I must say you've convinced me to buy Subway Ceramics--the real deal for my old house.

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the ambient pink light. it's reminding me of the series of paintings by bonnard of his wife in the bathtub -- he did them over a fifty year period, the last one finished after her death, and in the paintings she never changes from the beauty she was in 1895.

Anonymous said...

(more on bonnard's bathers)

Sam said...

Man that purpley aura is absolutely terrific. It is really looking good.