Friday, March 16, 2007

Goal Tending

This is an official Petch House Goal. Everyone, please, mark your calendars for the date of April 13th, 2007. That gives me exactly 4 weeks to accomplish the following bathroom related tasks.

1) Install tile on the wall and grout.
2) Plaster the walls above the tile.
3) Finish cleaning and de-grouting the Oberon Saloon floor tile.

One and two are achievable, I’m pretty sure. Number three will be a stretch, but that is the whole point of goals, as I see them. You set the bar a little bit higher than you think you can reach, and then you try and reach it. If this were a prediction, then I would be screwed. Goals, on the other hand, don’t necessarily need to be met. They are just a point to strive for.

The reason for April 13th is that I’m expecting family the following week. If I can complete those items by the 13th then this will give me something to show off, and still leave me plenty of time to revert The Petch House from the feculent hell-hole state that it is currently in. In order to achieve those goals, the house must remain in a feculent hell-hole like state because there will be no time for the niceties of domesticated life that are needed to keep said house from being in a state of constant feculent hell-holiness. I except this fact, and to some extent, I wallow in it.

Peace - out.

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