Sunday, March 04, 2007

Poll: How Popular Are You

OK, so we all do it. We all look at our blog stats or counters to see how many people read our blogs. It’s kind of like looking at yourself in the mirror just after you get out of the shower. There’s nothing the matter with it so long as you don’t stand there forever and go on and on about how stunning you look. The reality is, most of us are not completely satisfied with what we see in the mirror, nor will we every be completely satisfied with the number on the hit counter. You can never be too thin, too rich, too young, or have too many people visit your blog.

I noticed some changes just after I switched to The New Blogger (a.k.a. Blogger Beta). For some reason I was getting about 350 page views a day with the old Blogger, but a few weeks after I switched to the new Blogger I was averaging closer to 600 page views a day. I can’t help but wonder if Google did something so that the New Blogger posts - not just mine, of course, but any New Blogger post – would come up higher in a Google search result. This would increase the click-throughs to Blogger pages and maybe increase ad revenue for Blogger pages that have Ad Sense, which most do. Technically, I don’t think that constitutes “Being Evil”, but if something like that is happening it does beg the question of just how egalitarian the Google search results are. The only other explanation I can think of is that the quality of my writing improved 40% over a few weeks time, and we all know that didn’t happen.

Another intersting thing I noticed recently is that the number of daily hits dropped a bit in the days following my “Driving Traffic” post where I conspicuously and repeatedly dropped the names of several of the worlds current batch of one-hit-wonders. I’m not sure if that was just a coincidence, but I can tell you one thing, I’m never mentioning P*ris H*lton on my blog ever again.

So the question is: How Popular Are You? It’s just like high school all over again, isn't it? I decided to do page views because I don’t think every site distinguishes between unique visitors and over all page views. Here’s a brief explanation for those who don’t get the distinction. If one person comes to your site and views 5 different pages than that would equate to one unique visitor and five page views. You can also look at how long people stay at your site to give an indication of how much people enjoy your site. Five unique visitors who stay 20 minutes each would probably be better than 10 unique visitors who stay only 5 seconds each. Those 10 people must not be finding what they are looking for and they move on quickly and never get a chance to see your pretty and colorful ads that are just begging to be clicked on.

So go ahead and mark your vote and then see how you compare to your peers. Of course, in some ways this is all pointless because someone like me who writes incessantly on their blog has a good chance of having a higher count then someone who only posts occasionally. It's all in good fun, though.....unless I fare poorly in the poll. Then it really will be just like high school all over again {sniff}.

Average Page Views A Day
Don’t know and don’t care.
Less than 50
50 to 75
75 to 100
100 to 150
150 to 200
200 to 300
300 to 400
400 to 500
500 to 600
600 to 800
800 to 1000
1000 to 1400
1400 to 1800
1800 to 2500
2500 to 3500
3500 to 6000
6000 to 10,000
More than 10,000
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Leslie said...

Um... you forgot to include an option for "I don't know but it's only because I have no freakin' clue as to how to find that out if I'm using LJ, so maybe I need to switch to Blogger to give me this information because I seriously want to know." Well, maybe you could make it a little more succinct.

Greg said...

Yes, that is a bit wordy. Regardless, I can't change the poll once it's been created. Sorry.

PS You don't need to be on Blogger to get a counter. Check out There are others out there as well.

Leslie said...

I finally buckled down and figured out how to add the code for a counter to my site, so we'll see!!

Jocelyn said...

I monitor my stats a bit. Of course the thing is once you get higher stats- you hate to see them drop, which is what happens when one doesn't post as often. But I can't let my blog stats rule my life now can I?

Which reminds me, I really need to update my blog soon :)