Monday, March 19, 2007


Without the full use of my thumbs I’m feeling slightly less than a primate today. I felt like Lobster Boy, or possibly Dr. Zoidberg this morning trying to tie my shoes with just my index and middle fingers. Then walking around with band aids on both thumbs makes me a feel a bit odd as well. I noticed a few people looking at my thumbs and not sure if they should ask what happened or not. I had a great story all ready to go. It was about how my gambling debts had gotten out of control, and about how a loan shark wanted to take my thumbs as payment, but then had a change of heart and only left me with flesh wounds on each thumb. No one asked, though.

I didn’t get much accomplished today. Partially because of my thumbs, but mainly because every day life got in the way. If the two wounds on the thumbs were any place else they would be of little notice by now. But the thumbs…you just don’t realize how much you use them until you’ve lost the use of them.

The one drilled thumb isn’t doing too bad. The swelling has gone down and the wound is closing up a little. It’s down far enough on the thumb that I can still use it some. The other thumb is just raw, though. The picture does not do it justice. On that whole entire side, all the way from the nail to the knuckle it is really soar. I think maybe the bleach that got in to the glove through the pin hole may have exacerbated the situation.

Also today I reevaluated the Subway Ceramics tile situation. After making the design change with the shower window I thought I would be in better shape, but it turns out just the opposite is true. I also screwed up a little in my calculations. I’m not sure what I did. I measured everything again, and then went and got my original sheet. I broke the room down in to areas and measured them, and then added all the numbers to come up with a square footage. On both sheets I had the same numbers, but I just added something wrong the first time. I usually add totals several times, so I’m not sure what happened.

With the window, I had to raise the height of the tile around the tub area because the window is so high. I thought I was going to get an extra 5 sq ft of tile because I won’t be tiling over the window. As it turns out, I’m actually adding almost 10 sq ft of tile, so it’s a net gain (or is it a loss?) of 5 sq ft. All told I’m going to need extra 25 sq ft of tile, and some more quarter round for the window. Oy!


Patricia W. said...

I hope they heal quickly. That drill injury looked really painful. Lobster Boy. Now there's a story!

kingstreetfarm said...

Hee! Another Futurama shout out!

So very sorry to hear about your thumbs though. Youch, they both look and sound painful!

purejuice said...

for tile cleaning, could you wear those finger cots under your gloves that you sometimes see bank tellers wearing? it wouldn't keep drill bits out but it might provide another layer of skin on your thumbs.