Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Toy

I went out and picked up the Binford 6100 belt and disk sander. I went and got it today because it was on sale, and as we all know, paying full retail is for chumps and losers. This is primarily going to be used for cleaning the Oberon Saloon salvaged hex tile. I need to grind off the mortar from all 6 of the lovely sides of each and every one of the 3600, 2-inch tiles. Let’s see, 3600 tiles, times 6 sides on a tile…..well I think that equals heaven, that’s what that equals. It should be loads and loads of fun.

Fortunately this is excellent tile cleaning weather so I can look forward to hours and hours of blissful tile cleaning as I listen to the calming hum of the motor on the new belt sander. It just doesn’t get any better. Siiigggghhhh!

I’m going to need to set up a work station so I can work at a comfortable level. Before I do that I need to clean up the shop, which is a horrendous mess. I haven’t see the top of the work bench or the floor of the shop in months because they are both covered with tools, debris, and sawdust.

I did fire up the sander and take it for a spin today. It did work very well. The amount of time it will take to clean one tile will vary depending on the amount of grout. When two tiles separated all of the grout seemed to stick to one of the tiles. Some tiles may only need a cursory bump against the sander, while others will require several seconds of grinding. The job is quite dusty.

Seriously, I can’t wait to get started, but I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be having nightmares about tiles and be borderline suicidal. Yep, this is the life….Siiigggghhhh!


Jocelyn said...

Oh wow. It's funny because I really do believe our bodies store memories of these types of activities. I feel like someday I'll get a fever and I'll have a fresh recollection of sanding or I'll smell stripper or something.

This reminds me of my nail pulling marathons last summer. Ah, the memories.

StuccoHouse said...

In making stained glass you grind the endge of the glass to smooth them. My grinder has a water bath & a grinding stone. I'm thinking probably a pretty similar process to your tile grinding. The noise is kind og monotonous and it's very relaxing. Too bad you don't live closer to the midwest, I'd trade you a few boxes of grout free tile for a wired doorbell :-)

Mark said...

I'm not sure how much groute we are talking about here but could you not use tile nibblers to take off bigger chunks? Then use the sander. I only ask as I know full well how expensive belts can get.

Gary said...

Since grout is generally lime based, have you ever thought about soaking those tiles in muriatic acid for a day? If it works you would have more drinking time!

Greg said...


I totally dreamt of pulling nails when I removed the 2 story addition. I’m sure these tiles are going to be with me a loooong time.


I would wire a dozen doorbells for a few boxes of tile. There is just so much of it.


The nibblers are a good idea. I think for big chunks that might work. Most of it is an eighth of an inch or so.


That would be sweet. Unfortunately it is Portland cement. For some reason I keep expecting the bleach bath to have some affect on it. Stupid wishful thinking.

merideth said...

officially jealous