Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two Walls Done!

Boy, it feels good to write that. Yes, the two big walls are tiled and the best part is, they didn’t turn out a hideous mess. I made one little mistake, or maybe I should say, I’ve found only one little mistake so far, but the funny thing is, I kept loosing it. All day today I would forget where it was and then I would have to search it out so I could obsess over it.

I wrote a few days ago that I should finish by Tuesday or Wednesday, which in reality means Wednesday or Thursday. My prediction wasn’t too far off. I think if I had all of the tile here, and I got an early start after work tomorrow, I could finish the last wall. I don’t have the tile, though. I was in denial about having to order more and I put it off too long. It’s coming via UPS from LA, so it could show up before the weekend, but I’m not holding my breath.

The other reason I can’t finish tomorrow is because I still need to polish the end of the marble window sill. That needs to be installed before the tile. I’m embarrassed to say that I never polished the edge of the marble on the kitchen island either. Mainly because I really didn’t know how to do it, but also because the weather turned nice and I started painting the house last spring. So this will be a good exercise.

Sink Wall

Heater Wall

This mess is duplicated in other rooms. Lot’s to do tomorrow.

Of course, what is a blog entry without pictures. Above are shots of the two completed walls and the mess on the floor. Tomorrow, I’m going to work on the marble, as I said, but also clean up the mess I’ve made so far, and maybe take care of some neglected domestic chores.

Regardless of whether the rest of the tiles shows up before the weekend, I still have about 35 sq ft of field tile, and the quarter round needed for the window. I hope that’s enough to get me up to the window and to be able to tile inside the jamb. That way I can get the quarter round on.


mindy said...

It looks fantastic.... I am so jealous ;) I love the little toothpicks everywhere, you're going to have a great time knocking those all out!

Anonymous said...

it is starting to look a lot like a nice new bathroom.
the point where you can see the personality.

Greg said...

It's all very exciting!

derek said...

Is the wall going to hard to plaster after doing the tile? I finished drywalling before I started tiling. The tile looks great btw

Greg said...

I did it this way so I could make sure the thickness of the plaster matches the thickness of the tiled wall. The tile part of the wall is 1-inch thick. Normally, a plaster wall is 3/4-inch thick. I'm going to need to shim it a bit.

As to whether it's easier or harder, I'm not really sure. I'm sure you could come up with pros & cons of both methods, but it all needs to get some at some point.

In the upstairs bathroom I had existing wainscoting and I stripped all the old paint off the plaster, made some repairs, and then skim coated. I just put plastic sheeting over the wainscoting to protect it.