Friday, March 09, 2007

Mob Rule

The mob has spoken. The window stays.

I took in another light in today just to see what it would look like in real-world conditions. As I suspected the violet light is much more subdued with more lighting in the room. My fears of a violet explosion were unfounded.

An added benefit of keeping the window is that I will have an extra 5 sq ft of tile as a buffer zone because I won’t be tiling over the window. I will need to contact Subway Ceramics for some more quarter round tile, but that’s not a big deal. They were so speedy with the last delivery of tile I will wait until I’m farther along just incase I need any other additional tile.

Another idea I’m toying with is to use the Victorian Cap along the base of the window. It would act as a sill and give me a little more room for a shelf area for shampoo and whatnot. I would need to make sure it is tilted a few degrees to shed water, but think it might look cool and work well.

Victorian Cap

Today I stripped the paint off the sash and tomorrow I will caulk it back to the stone age and prime, and then paint on Sunday. I bought Sherwin Williams Duration paint this time, because it was on sale, and I’m not entirely thrilled with it. It seems to cover well at first, but then things bleed through. I used their “odorless” (Yea, right! Do marketers just think we are all idiots?) oil based primer and then two coats of the Duration on all of the wood work I painted.

On the beadboard bathroom ceiling I had some old water stains. I sanded the wood, then primer, and then 2 top coats, and in some areas the water stains still showed through. I had to go back over it a third time. These were decades old water stains too, because I pulled down some 1950s sheetrock from the ceiling 2 or 3 years ago and I’ve never had a leak in the room.

I had a similar problem with the medicine cabinet. It is made of fir and the original finish was a reddish tinted shellac. I stripped it and sanded but didn’t bother to go all the way to bare wood. I just wanted all the paint off and to get a smooth finish. Even with that, some of the red shellac bled through! There was almost none left but in those little cracks and corners where I missed some I had to go over it a third time! Even after a third coat in some places I still have one small spot with red bleeding through. Next time, I go back to the Super Paint. I’ve never had a problem like that with the Super paint and the laytex primer.


kingstreetfarm said...

YAY for the window!!

I vote yes on the Victorian cap, I love that kind of detail (and am planning to use it in at least 2 of the 3 bathrooms we still have to gut and redo).

What's Super paint? Just curious. I'm a bit of a paint nerd.

SmilingJudy said...

I now have the little window sill "shelf" in both my showers and love it. In my first floor bath, I did something similar to what you're talking about. You can see a bit of it here.

Greg said...


"Super Paint" is a Sherwin Williams brand name. It was the top of the line paint they offered until they came out with the Duration brand.


Boy, your bathroom looks great. I love how high the wainscoting goes.