Wednesday, August 24, 2005

1926 Apartment

My house is 1895, but behind it is a 1926 Mission Revival 6-car garage with 2 – 1 bedroom apartments above the garages. Today one of the tenants moved out. In fact, I just got the keys an hour ago. This works out well because I can show it to the party guests tonight. They are totally in to this sort of thing. You know, going through other peoples houses.

Also, I was able to go in and get some digital pics of the apartments. Now, they are nothing spectacular, but there are some charming elements to them. With few exceptions, they are very original to 1926. When I bought the property 3 years ago I did I kind of quickie fix-up job on them to get them rented. There is the usual things you would find with a 1926 house. Painted wallpaper. Some failing plaster in places. Windows that don’t quite work like they did when they were new. But all-in-all, they’re not too bad.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures.

Living Room

Built-in Dinette Set


They still didn't mop the floor!

Another good thing that happened was the fog finally broke yesterday. We’ve been socked in for over a week now. Without exaggeration, yesterday was the first day I’ve seen the sun in almost 10 days. It is also the first day the temperature has climbed above 55. I refuse to run the heater in August, I don’t care how cold it gets. I’ve been sitting on the couch in the evenings with long-johns and a sweater. Today it warmed up to a balmy 68 degrees so the house won’t be a freakin’ icebox for the party tonight.


merideth said...

adorable! little apartment! i love the little banquette. that was such a nice detail in craftsman-era residences. have fun at your party. i wish we were close enough to come to it :)

derek said...

Nice to still have all that original stuff. I know we had a kitchen nook, since the flooring is cut around where it used to be. And it explains why our toilet was so far from the wall, looks like more than the new 12" standard.

Jocelyn said...

quaint apartment- speaking as a fellow reluctant landlord I hope you find or found a good tenant :)
can't wait to hear how the party goes too...

Blair said...

I would have loved to live there!

Amanda said...

Cool place.

And I can't believe it's that cold up there.

AngelSil said...

Yowza! It hasn't been below 80 here for weeks. Not even at night!

Kristin said...

Very cute! I'm eagerly awaiting news of how the party goes. You've been building up the suspense for a long time now! :)