Sunday, August 28, 2005

In My Dreams

Well, last night while I was asleep I managed to strip 3 doors and buy some authentic brass hinges on EBay and I wasn't even awake! Seriously, though, I’ve done little of anything this weekend. This is the first time in months I haven’t had a looming deadline of some sort hanging over my head. I actually had time to read some blogs again.

The new tenant moved in this weekend. Her name is Heather. I told her I would give her the place rent-free for the last 7 days of this month if I didn’t have to clean the apartment before she moved in. She was thrilled with the idea. On Thursday her and a friend showed up armed to the teeth with cleaning supplies. I let them in and they cleaned the apartment to within inches of it’s life. Yesterday she started moving stuff in. I’m just thrilled with her as a tenant and she’s only been her a day. There is just this feeling that she is not going to thrash the place and she will pay rent on time. Just, no hassles. My other tenant, Nicole, is the same way. I feel like the luckiest landlord alive right now.

The last tenants actually left the place in pretty good shape and they had been in there for a little more than 3 years. I spent and hour or two yesterday fixing a few minor things. Their cat had ruined a few of the vinyl mini-blinds, but those are like $8 a piece so it was no big deal. I also replaced the WH blanket because the old one was looking ratty. The front doorknob was loose and so I tightened that. I had to relight the pilot light on the heater and fix the plug on the fridge. All-in-all very minor stuff after three years in the place. I was going to charge them for the stuff I had to replace, but now I think I’ll return all of their deposit. It could have been much, much worse.

The best part about the old tenants leaving is that I get one of the garages back. The old tenants were a young married couple (Their first place together) and the man is a Car-Guy. I let him use one of the garages rent-free because I had this fear of greasy tools piled up someplace in the apartment. Now that I have the garage back I have a place to strip paint and build the last of the cabinets for the kitchen. No more sanding in the house. Whew!

So, the plan is to just take it easy this weekend …wait…what’s happening. I..I’m being pulled…ugh…towards the shop. There…there is some …ugh …force ...pul …I can’t …ugh …seem …to …break ..loose …I'm ...ugh ...trying ...but ...ahhhhh!


Jocelyn said...

I knew knew knew it would happen to you eventually (sleepworking!)

-The force is strong in this one too...

Glad to hear about your tenants- I had a dream a clean and tidy nice gay couple lived upstairs from us, but alas it was only a dream!

Gary said...

You've been summoning those fairies again, haven't you?

Greg said...

Word Verification Test, Phase 1, Part A

Monica... Media Professional said...

Darnit Greg.... I started out on your today blog (3/11/08), where you linked to an old blog, and I've ended up here... in August of 2005... just scanning forward one day at a time.

Your blog is addicting. I'm a little afraid of what will happen if I don't shut the laptop right now and work on homework.