Sunday, August 07, 2005

I’m Not Holding My Breath

I got a call from the mill owner about my request for a partial refund. Actually, I got two calls. He called yeaterday and left a message, and then called again today. Naturally he was extremely apologetic. To my surprise he not only agreed to my request for a partial refund, but he said he would send me more wood.

He started coming up with different scenarios on how he could get me wood. After a few minutes I stopped him. I explained that I was past the point for more wood. I mean, the floor is sanded, finished, and I’m installing cabinets and stoves. I’m not going to wait weeks and them rip out flooring. We finally agreed that he would send me enough wood to redo the alcove. This really took the worst of the worst of the wood. I would mark it as kitchen flooring and store it in the attic. If at some point in the future if I get the energy and time to redo the boards in the alcove I will have the wood. If not maybe a future home owner can do it. This isn’t exactly something you can go down and pick up at the local home center.

He is going to send me 8, 5 foot pieces of flooring. He can ship it UPS. He also said he would send a check. We’ll see what happens. The last thing he said was, “If I don’t have my credibility and my good name, I don’t have anything. I will make this right” That is all good and well, but I just wanted a floor. He means well, I think, I'm just not overly enthusiastic about any of his attempts to “Make this right”. The refund and wood will be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.


K. said...

Maybe he can make it right by paying for (or sending) someone to do the alcove floor. Then you wouldn't have to redo it, and it wouldn't have to wait for someday.

Patricia W said...

I hope his partial refund gets to you quickly and that it is for a good amount.

Scott in Washington said...

I guess something is better than nothing, even if not by much.

derek said...

Hopefully it's not "the cheque is in the mail"