Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Give You The eHutch©

The eHutch© is now on-line and fully operational. I had to make a few more shelves for it. The first thought was to have a power strip inside The eHutch© but I decided I didn’t want all the wires. Also, since it has a center divider that means I would need one for each side. Instead I mounted a strip on the back and then drilled holes through the back at the base of each shelf. This looks much neater.

Here It Is In Standby Mode

Here You Can See It fully Booted Up

The left side has the 15-inch LCD TV (At $400 I spent more on that stupid thing than I did on both hutches combined!), phone with answering machine, phonebook and address book. I’m going to add notepad & pencils. I have another shelf for it if need be.

The right side has coffee maker and bean grinder. I can put coffee, filters, and cups below that. Then there is also a toaster oven. The original idea was to have a microwave but The eHutch© is only 11.5-inches deep and the shallowest microwave I found was 13-inches, and it was a real POS.

I think the toaster oven is a better choice actually. The last time I owned a microwave was back in the early 90s and by the time I got rid of it, it was little more than glorified potato cooker. I think I’ll use the toaster over more, and now I can get rid of the conventional toaster. My one concern is heat. I’ve drilled a series of 5/8-inch holes above the toaster oven to vent heat. If that does not do the trick I can buy on of those plumbers heat shields and put it up there. Neither the holes nor the heat shield will be visible unless you stick your head in there and look up.


Heather said...

That turned out AWSOME! When can I expect a you to take a trip to Wisconsin to build me one? :)

AngelSil said...

I need one of those. We have a computer "armoire" thing, but there is NO room for a coffee maker in it!!

merideth said...

i like how you hide away all your modern's all an illusion this 21st century as it disappears!

Greg said...

Heather, I think I can squeeze you in to my schedule. How does June 15th, 2009 sound? Say, around 8:00 in the morning?

derek said...

I think the coffee maker looks a little small, and why is the TV on an angle... oh it's a composite, silly me. 2009 isn't that far away, I'm sure we'll still be working on our house.

ben said...

Kind of reminds me of Rosie, the maid on the Jetsons:)