Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Puzzle

Ok, first I need to eat breakfast and take a bath. I still need to relight the pilot light on the water heater. I should check the meter one last time. If it still say 5268 then I’m golden. I’ll check the meter, then go down and get coffee – no, check the meter, then relight the pilot light, then go down and get coffee, newspaper, and a scone. Eat breakfast, take a bath, check email, and then head out.

I need to paint the base trim, install phone and coax, and add another outlet. I can go to Ace and get putty, phone, coax, and a single gang box. Hmmm, I’m going to need a new crimper and the jacks. I guess I’ll go to Radio Shack and get what I can there and then head to Myrtle Town Lumber instead of Ace to get the single gang box and wood putty because it is closer.

I’ll run the phone and coax - no, I should putty the trim first, then install the new outlet, and finally do the phone and coax. If I run in to problems with the outlet I don’t want to be without power. After that I can go to Sears and get the LCD TV for the kitchen that I’ve been eyeballing. It is on sale. Hmmm, if I’m going to go to Sears I could go to the Radio Shack in the mall and then go to Ace in the way home. But Radio Shack is at the other end of the mall and the less time I spend in that place the better. And I will be passing right by Rita’s which means I can pick up a Burrito de Asada for lunch. But that will be too early for lunch.

OK, how about this, I do the meter, pilot, breakfast, bath, email thing, then I clean up a little and balance the check book, then I can head out and hit all the stops, get the burrito, eat lunch, and then start in on the outlet – no, putty first. Let’s see it’s 7:10 AM now. I’ll lay here for another 10 minutes and then get up. Let’s go over it again. Head down and get a newspaper – no, check the gas meter first. If it reads 5268 everything’s cool. Then relight the pilot light, then


The McCords' said... very funny.

Patricia W said...

Now that's what I call a vacation!

Anonymous said...

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ben said...

try sticky notes:)

SmilingJudy said...

That is sooooo like my daily routine. I think I need to seek help.

Jocelyn said...

life can be sooo complicated. :)

Amanda said...


Scott in Washington said...

A man who can type as fast as he thinks... I like it.