Monday, August 15, 2005

Restore & Preserve

The Restore & Preserve article came out today. This means that I could now be considered a minor celebrity in town, and I may cause a minor stir as I head in to the Minor Theater to watch a movie staring minors - but who knows.

For those of you that don’t have total recall of every word I’ve ever written, here’s the gist of what is going on. Restore & Preserve is a monthly insert in our local newspaper. Every month it profiles certain people or properties in the area that stand out for reasons of restoration or preservation. After listing my house on the Local Register of Historic Places I found that there was a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what it means to have your house listed. I emailed the Editor or Restore & Preserve and suggested she do a story on what it means to have your house on the list. She emailed me back and says that sounds like a great idea, why don’t we do it on you and your house. At first being reluctant because I normally shun the lime-light, I was eventually brought on-board through threats and intimidation by the newspapers hired goons (just kidding).

Anywho, several months passed and eventually Kathy Dillon, the editor, and a photographer showed up at my house and the results of all this is a very nice article in the newspaper about me, my house, and the insane amount of work I’m doing on it. I’ll never forget the very first question out of Kathy’s mouth, along with the look on her face - “You’re doing this all by yourself?” (The Look: You can’t be serious)

Restore & Preserve is the size of a folded newspaper. This months issue is 12 pages, so that would be 6 pages of a full-size newspaper. Two properties were highlighted in this issue – mine and another. There was also an article about historic gardens, one about the 1897 Pioneer Hall getting some restoration work (it is home to a fraternal orginization called The Native Sons), and another short piece about a benefit for The Clark Museum. And of course, gobs of advertisements. The last three pieces took up a full-page (with adds) and the rest was devoted to the two houses.

Both of the properties high-lighted got 4 pages each, and then the front cover makes up the 12th page. The title of mine was, “Rise, decline and rebirth of a beauty”. Kathy does all the writing and she did a very good job of conveying the house and the work I’ve done. It was a flattering article with many quotes by me. If you hadn’t noticed, I can be long-winded. There are 7 photographs and one with me in it. I’m standing in front of my dumb-waiter door looking at it longingly and lovingly ~ sigh ~. All in all it was a lot of fun.

I did buy 5 copies of the paper today so I can send off a few copies to family. I really didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to myself so I bought newspapers at several different locations around town today. The really funning thing about all this was that I’ve really been waiting for the past few weeks to see what Kathy would write about the house. I couldn’t wait to read the article. Then after I read it, it was kind of like – well, yea, I knew all that. It was as if I expected her to reveal new secrets to me or something. Essentially she was taking what I told her and put it down in her words in the newspaper. No big surprise for me. Still, a lot of fun, though.

I’ve started doing hand exercises because I’m sure many, many people are going to want my autograph over the next few days. Any second now my adoring fans will be lining up at the door – wait, what’s that - oh, never mind, it’s just the cat. Well, I’m sure the parade of fans will start and any second. Yep, any second.

Oh, and, I will be only sending 1 copy to my Mother.


kk said...

Consider me virtually lined up at your door.

If Kathy couldn't provide any new revelations on your house, at least it sounds like she got the facts right regarding the Register of Historic Places. Hopefully together the two you have educated someone new or set someone straight re: the Register?

Patricia W said...

Sounds great. Are you planning on posting any of the article and pics? Just wondering.

Greg said...

I have no way to post the article. There is a link to the newspaper in the blog entry, but they are several months behind in posting the editions of Restore & Preserve. Right now March is the last issue posted.

Jocelyn said...

That is so cool. What a great thing to have for posterity. Make sure and hide a copy in a wall somewhere in a zip lock bag/time capsule. How cool would that be to find that in a wall someday?

Suzanne said...

Congrats, Greg! I'd get your autograph too. Can you scan the article and post as a jpegs or a link on your site? If not, we'll have to wait until you tell us they've finally posted it at the paper.

It's still cool, bet your family is proud!

heather said...

Yeah, so glad the article finally came out...and was so flattering. Like the other's I would love to be able to read it, so please let us know as soon as it's available online via the newspaper's site or you get it scanned.